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BB1*研經及釋經原理 (Principles of Biblical Study and Interpretation)
BL1活學活用希伯來文 (Elementary Hebrew: Learn and Use)
BL2.1活學活用希臘文 (Elementary Greek: Learn and Use)
BL2.2中級希臘文 (Intermediate Greek)
BO1* 舊約背景及信息 (Old Testament Background and Message)
BO1.1五經信息 (The Message of the Pentateuch)
BO1.1.1創世記信息 (The Message of Genesis)
BO1.2歷史書信息 (The Message of the Historical Books)
BO1.2.4撒母耳記信息 (The Message of Samuel)
BO1.2.7(g)以斯拉記 (The Message of Ezra)
BO1.3詩歌書信息 (The Message of the Poetical Books)
BO1.3.2詩篇信息 (The Message of Psalms)
BO1.4先知書信息 (The Message of the Prophets)
BO1.4.1以賽亞書信息 (The Message of Isaiah)
BO1.4.5(g)但以理書信息 (Guided Study – The Message of Daniel)
BN1* 新約背景及信息 (New Testament Background and Message)
BN1.1福音書信息 (The Message of the Gospels)
BN1.1.3路加福音信息 (The Message of the Gospel of Luke)
BN1.2使徒行傳信息 (The Message of Acts)
BN1.3保羅書信信息 (The Message of the Pauline Epistles)
BN1.3.1羅馬書信息 (The Message of Romans)
BN1.3.2哥林多前書信息 (The Message of the First Corinthians)
BN1.3.5(7) 以弗所書及歌羅西書背景及信息 (The Message of Ephesians and Colossians)
BN1.3.6(g)腓立比書 (The Message of Philippians)
BN1.3.10(g)提摩太前書信息 (The Message of First Timothy)
BN1.4普通書信信息 (The Message of the General Epistles)
BN1.4.1 希伯來書信息 (The Message of the Letter to the Hebrews)
BN1.5啟示錄信息 (The Message of Revelation)
BNFT1聖地考察:新約篇(上) —跟隨耶穌腳踪行 (Studies on the Holy Land: New Testament—part one: Retrace Jesus’ Steps)



T1*基礎教義 (Basic Christian Doctrines)
T1.1*基礎教義(1) 聖靈觀與教會觀 (Basic Christian Doctrines(1): Pneumatology and Ecclesiology)
T1.4教會論:教會應該往那裡走? (Ecclesiology:Where Should the Church Go?)
T2.1教會歷史(上)(Church History 1)
T2.2教會歷史(下) (Church History 2)
T2.3 基督教來華史
T3基督教倫理學 (Christian Ethics)
T4宣教學導論 (Introduction to Missiology)



M1* 現代講道技巧 (Preaching to a Contemporary World)
M2禱告神學與實踐 (Theology and Practice of Prayer)
M3敬拜神學與實踐 (Theology and Practice of Worship)
M4佈道與護教 (Evangelism and Apologetics)
M5關懷貧窮事工 (Mission for the Poor)
M6基督教輔導 (Christian Counseling: Providing Counseling as a Christian)
M7教牧學 (Pastoral Care)
M8/L8聖靈帶領的事奉 (The Spirit-led Ministry)
M9/L9新媒體宣教與牧養 (New Media in Missionary and Pastoral Care)



L1* 靈命建立 (Spiritual Formation) (1學分)
L2* 牧者的靈性 (The Minister’s Spirituality)
L3聖靈與屬靈恩賜 (The Holy Spirit and Spiritual Gifts)
L4門徒訓練 (Intentional Disciple Making in a Postmodern World )
L5屬靈領袖 (Spiritual Leadership)
L6高效能的教會領袖 (Effective Church Leader)
L7a領導策略 – 如何化解困難?
L8/M8聖靈帶領的事奉 (Spirit-led Ministry)
L9/M9新媒體宣教與牧養 (New Media in Missionary and Pastoral Care)



MM1-3前線基層實習 (Ground Level Ministry)
MM4-6非本區實習 (Non Own Zone Ministry)
MM7-9本區實習 (Own Zone Ministry)